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SGA: VS4 -- Discussion: Season 4 Wishlists

regann and I have been talking about a virtual season since the mid-season ender back in October. Certain things had been bothering me about the canon and I had already started to think up some things that I would love to see change.

Various spoilers that started to come out and a continual failure to have any character development to anyone except McKay. Don't get me wrong, I love McKay and I'm glad to see him get so much character development, but I'd rather see more balanced character development. Teyla and Weir probably get the worst treatment. John, Ronon, and Carson had little snippets of character but really did very little to actually dig into who these expedition members are and what makes them tick.

Now so far this is just the exact same thoughts that have been floating around the internet for months now, nothing new, but here is the jumping off point for our virtual season.

It might have a bit of a starry eyed retrospective to it, but I remember the first season, the focus on new friends, more zpms, and one enemy who still managed to keep some of it's 'scariness'. Cut off from Earth the expedition was on their own and had to deal with a host of problems that came with it. But this focus never kept the writers from telling interesting stories, Underground, Poisoning the Well, and Brotherhood were some of my favorites and yet also focused on the urgency of the expeditions solitude in the Peg Galaxy.

Now every two or three months there is bottled water, food, and unless I miss my guess DVDs, ice cream, and fresh underwear. I'm not saying this is a bad thing, but I liked the Atlantis family Robinson-ing quite a bit more. At the end of the episode 'pack up and go home' is always the last resort. Sure everyone would be sad and the show would be over, but they can and will do that if they have to.

That has been something I'd like to go back to: Atlantis cut off from Earth. This theme has been lovingly tackled in many fanfics and for good reason, it's a great story to tell.

Then there are the characters. Where do you even start? Just taking one look around fandom and you will realize there are hundreds of interpretations for all of the characters. John Sheppard especially suffers from this. Is he from a working class background? Was he born with a silver spoon in his mouth? or at least a slightly pricey spoon.

Teyla is the leader of her people but is also quite young, how did she become their leader? what does that mean for her? And where the hell have the Athosians been hanging out lately?

The list goes on but it suffices to say that none of these characters have been given much background. It was excusable the first season, it was annoying but mostly understandable in the second, it is now inappropriate as we finish out the third.

I hope we can address this in our virtual season. So that's the first big question, what does make these characters tick? Any thoughts would be appreciated. What sort of character stories do we want to see for these folks?

What plots do you want our characters to get mixed up in?

regann and I have a couple ideas that we've planned to write ourselves, but we've still got a lot of wiggle room and there are many roads that get us going in the same direction. Free stories include how our plucky heroes are going to get out of the mess they got into on the season ender.

Feel free to comment with your season 4 wish lists and we can start getting whipped into shape! Spread the word.
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