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SGA:VS4 -- Preliminary Writing Guidelines

I figured that answering some of the questions that keep coming up from people here, in an unlocked post, might be helpful to current and perspective members alike. Please reply with any questions or concerns you have. We'll add to this as more questions and issues come up!

Just so you know, pookaseraph and I consider ourselves part of the writing team and will have to abide by these same rules.

Writing Guidelines for SGA Virtual Season Four

Finished Episodes
1. Finished episodes will be written in regular prose format, not script.

2. Stories will be written in a 3rd-person voice.

3. Length can vary, but we're hoping for around 20,000 words per finished episode.

4. As of right now, we'd like to post new episodes to LiveJournal to start, either a non-community journal or another community one. I think we'll keep this one primarily for those of us involved behind-the-scenes but we will announce new episodes here when they are finished.

5. All episodes will be edited by our darling editors, at least once, maybe more in order to ensure consistent voice -- both in characterization and writing level. This really will be a team effort in that respect, although everyone will be credited for their work!

Writing Process
1. Ideally, we'd like to have episodes written in groups of two or more. We'd like to give creative "oversight" to one or two principals but writers are encouraged to break it up farther if need be and have others write certain scenes if need be. This is meant to be a team effort, after all!

2. Ideally, we'd like to a total of at least two episodes written per month. That means between all of us, however we break down the duties. Three would make me the happiest of creatures. This is less of a worry, though, now that Sci-Fi has announced a fall premiere instead of a summer one for the television season.

3. Anyone is welcome to pitch ideas for plots (A or B plots) for episodes because still have alot of empty time, episode-wise. Please don't be shy on this.

4. Writers are encouraged to use already existing characters wherever they can in plot and not create a lot of OCs, especially among Atlantis personnel. Since we aren't constrained by actor availability, there's no reason to not use characters like Lorne or Zelenka, etc. where you need them. Just don't kill them off! For that, go with OCs.

5. In cases where OCs are needed for plot reasons, we're completely fine with them. When you have an important "guest star" character, we'd like for writers to consider "casting" them with a real actor/actress so that our audience (and the other writers) will have a better feel for them. Please don't pick only major celebrities -- use the show itself as a guideline for who they could -- and could not -- hire to play a character. As much as we'd like it, if we suddenly have a guest star cast of A-list American actors, even a fictional one, we'll lose credibility with our audience.

I haven't forgotten about you editors and artists who have so nicely agreed (or will) to donate your time. But since you're more post-production (as in, after we writers write something!) we'll be addressing you soon in another post.
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