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SGA: VS4 -- Discussion: Major Lorne & Canon

One of the things that is really nice about a virtual season is that you don't have certain constraints on you since most of it happens in your imagination. Two of my favorite constraints to be free of is budget and actor availability. This means that I can use the minor characters I like as much as possible as long as it makes since within the context of an ep -- whereas TV shows such as SGA have been known to have to rewrite eps to accomodate unavailable actors.

One of the characters that has come up a great deal in episode discussions is Major Lorne. Lorne's become something of a fan favorite since his introduction in early S2 and rather a fixture on Atlantis. (At least when his actor, Kavan Smith, wasn't off taping episodes of The 4400...)

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So, thoughts?

Remember: The SGA: VS4 is always looking for more writers, editors and various helpers. If you think you'd like to be involved, contact regann or join the community at sga_virtual!
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SGA:VS4 -- Preliminary Writing Guidelines

I figured that answering some of the questions that keep coming up from people here, in an unlocked post, might be helpful to current and perspective members alike. Please reply with any questions or concerns you have. We'll add to this as more questions and issues come up!

Just so you know, pookaseraph and I consider ourselves part of the writing team and will have to abide by these same rules.

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I haven't forgotten about you editors and artists who have so nicely agreed (or will) to donate your time. But since you're more post-production (as in, after we writers write something!) we'll be addressing you soon in another post.
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SGA: VS4 -- Discussion: Season 4 Wishlists

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I hope we can address this in our virtual season. So that's the first big question, what does make these characters tick? Any thoughts would be appreciated. What sort of character stories do we want to see for these folks?

What plots do you want our characters to get mixed up in?

regann and I have a couple ideas that we've planned to write ourselves, but we've still got a lot of wiggle room and there are many roads that get us going in the same direction. Free stories include how our plucky heroes are going to get out of the mess they got into on the season ender.

Feel free to comment with your season 4 wish lists and we can start getting whipped into shape! Spread the word.
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SGA:VS4 -- Notice about the Community

I'm currently working to get all of the ideas that we already have for the season typed up and posted here so that those of you who are interested can see what we have in mind.

That said, we will keep most of these posts f-locked, so please -- if you're interested, join the community so you have read everything! At this point in the process, joining the community only means you're interested in helping.

If, once you see what we have in mind, you no longer want to participate, just let us know and we'll say our goodbyes. (But we'll be very sad.)

The only thing we ask is that you don't discuss storylines and plot outside of the community. We want to keep some things under wraps until the stories themselves are posted!

We are still in a desperate need for writers. We also have room for anyone who wants to bring their ideas in for episodes and character arcs.

Thanks and, please, help us out if you can. If nothing else -- spread the word!
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SGA:VS4 -- Introductory Post

If you're interested in being a part of SGA:VS4, please reply to this post and let us know if you're interested in being a writer, editor, graphic artist or vidder. If you want to help us write -- and we'll love you for it! -- we'd grateful if you'd leave us a link to a sample of your writing.

All comments are screened.

Please, help us out!