the exposition queen (regann) wrote in sga_virtual,
the exposition queen

SGA:VS4 -- Notice about the Community

I'm currently working to get all of the ideas that we already have for the season typed up and posted here so that those of you who are interested can see what we have in mind.

That said, we will keep most of these posts f-locked, so please -- if you're interested, join the community so you have read everything! At this point in the process, joining the community only means you're interested in helping.

If, once you see what we have in mind, you no longer want to participate, just let us know and we'll say our goodbyes. (But we'll be very sad.)

The only thing we ask is that you don't discuss storylines and plot outside of the community. We want to keep some things under wraps until the stories themselves are posted!

We are still in a desperate need for writers. We also have room for anyone who wants to bring their ideas in for episodes and character arcs.

Thanks and, please, help us out if you can. If nothing else -- spread the word!
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